Our brains are the most important and defining parts of us as it handles everything that we do, whether it be walking, thinking, or even sleeping. Put simply, your brain is everything. So what happens when this “everything” is tampered with and not working properly?

Enter dementia, an illness characterized by the general loss of cognitive functions such as memory, judgment, or motor skills. …

Your brain is the most complex piece of machinery ever created. It is a product of millions of years of evolution, with many of its deep-rooted structures still left unknown, and with many ideas such as consciousness and the emergent properties of the brain still left largely unknown in modern neuroscience. However, we do have a good understanding of the constituent parts of the brain, thanks to advancements in neuroanatomy!

Today, I’ll be giving you a tour around the brain, helping you to understand not only the general structure but also in getting you acquainted with the behemoth that is…

The premises of knowledge have always been a question posed by humanity. In fact, the study of knowledge(epistemology) is so fundamental, that it is among one of four major branches in philosophy. One of the earliest and detrimental debates concerning this branch originated in the Renaissance, between the rationalists and empiricists.

In simple terms, the rationalists came to argue that knowledge can be derived from reason alone, while the empiricists argued that knowledge came from experiences. However, a question we are still trying to answer to this day is what exactly “knowledge” even means.

The Fork of Knowledge

As we have evolved as homo sapiens for over 200,000 years, humanity has been continuing to tell stories. From the myths that managed to join our ancient tribes together to Disney movies, stories continue to play an integral part in our societies today. But the fundamental stories that even children’s stories give us lessons on what it means to live and survive.

The Building Blocks of A Story

Imagine that every single thing that you are thinking about, everything that you remember, and everything that you can sense is all the fabrications of an evil demon, set on tricking you into believing in a false world. How exactly are you going to prove that anything exists if that is the case? Well, Rene Descartes had this exact thought 400 years ago.

The Father Of Modern Philosophy

In life, we all want to become good and virtuous people. Whether it be through the betterment of others, or by choosing humility and love over pride and hate, we all seem to have this idea that to be virtuous is to be good. But what if these “virtues” are just a mask for our primal and evil tendencies?

The Inevitability of Nihilism

When you take a look around you, it is clear that technology is a clear and important part of our everyday lives. From the moment we wake up, to the times of rest, we rely heavily upon technology. Although we have developed some brilliant pieces of technology, we have barely scratched the surface of what could be created.

The Beginning

When we think of technology, something electronic will always come to mind. But anything can count as technology, as long as they were created to provide some value. That means that a tissue box or even a book can count as technology…

Cancers cause millions of deaths every year. They are some of the deadliest diseases, and yet they are a product of our own human bodies, rather than some outside source.

What Causes Cancer?

Cancers stem from mutations in cells. Normally, cells are programmed to die as trying to keep a damaged cell would cost more effort than it would bring in. However, cells take damage over time, due to radiation and other phenomena. Usually, this would be fine, as different genes will tell the cell to kill itself if it is too damaged(tumor suppressor genes). However, sometimes a mutation happens that is not…

This is the elusive Covid-19. It is highly infectious and targets cells present in the lungs.

Viruses have been at the forefront of media, as the Covid-19 virus continues to wreak havoc. However, can we use this destructive power of viruses and harness it in order to help humanity? Maybe! In different areas such as gene therapy, they are being used as vectors to deliver genes into cells. Ironically, they even may combat different diseases instead of causing them.

Viruses 101

The Kibera slums, located in Nairobi, Kenya. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Nairobi_Kibera_04.JPG

Kibera is one of the largest slums in the world. Despite being only five percent of the area of Nairobi, it makes up almost half of its inhabitants. Moreover, they face massive problems as they must battle with corruption, poverty, and horrible living conditions.

Problems with the slums

Poverty is the overarching issue that encompasses most of the problems that inhabitants face in Kibera. This massive problem, coupled with the fact that over half of Kibera is unemployed, means that it is really difficult to sustain yourself and even more difficult to climb up on the economic ladder.


Sam Li

I’m a TKS activator and I’m fascinated in understanding the mind and exponential technologies and how understanding both can lead to discovery and innovation!

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